Registration fee

The registration fee for In-person participation in the conference for participants from the Russian Federation and the CIS countries is 4000 rubles. (includes participation in the banquet), for absentee and online participation - 2000 rubles, for foreign participants - 200 US dollars (190 euros). Travel and accommodation are paid by the participants themselves and are not included in the registration fee. One copy of the collection is sent for one published abstract, regardless of the number of co-authors.

The registration fee can be paid at the venue, or by bank transfer before 10/01/2023:


Payment details in rubles

INN / KPP 6831006362/682901001;

Recipient's account: 03214643000000016400

Beneficiary's bank: Tambov branch of the Bank of Russia//UFK for the Tambov region, Tambov
Recipient's bank account: 40102810645370000057

BIK 016850200;
OKPO code 02069289;
OGRN 1026801156557;
OKVED 85.22;
KBK 00000000000000000130;
OKTMO 68701000
Purpose of payment (specify): "Conference Graphene".

Please contact the Organizing Committee for payment in US dollars or euros.